At Preservation Hall, the term "traditional" is taken quite literally; the older generation teaches the music to the younger musicians, and from them to their successors. The facilitation of this tradition passing is fundamental, as Traditional New Orleans Jazz serves not only as a vital component of New Orleans culture, but also represents a historical lineage to the earliest forms of jazz itself.

The PresHall Brass helps in facilitating this tradition, serving as the primary teaching artists for the Preservation Hall Foundation's educational programming. The members of the PresHall Brass teach free after-school music classes through the Neighborhood Horns and Drums program, mentor local area youth, as well as provide outreach through free community performances and events. They have worked with a wide-variety of schools and programs including, but not limited to:

  • Creating New Connections, An Autism Therapy Program in New Orleans
  • Leaf Delta Jazz Band
  • ReNEW Schools of New Orleans
  • McDonogh 35 Senior High School
  • Make Music NOLA